Season 1 - Episode 1


Ubuntu 18.04 as a base, ubuntufied Gnome, QT-based DEs, graphics cards, Windows as a service, ownership, designer Mozilla, Kai OS, discovery stories

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May contain mature references


  • 18.04.1 and things based off it (or are going to be), Linux Mint 19, Elementary OS, KDE Neon, Zorin OS
  • Gnome 3 and Ubuntu switching to it, stock gnome 3 vs “Ubuntufied Gnome 3 shell”
  • KDE 5 and KDE Neon, design and system resources, LXQT as a “lightweight” desktop environment
  • We briefly talk about Nvidia and AMD cards and drivers and what to buy and what’s most compatible
  • Microsoft’s Windows as a service, buying a computer without Windows. Rejecting the Windows license, custom built PCs, System 76 and Entroware
  • Should we always attempt to own/jailbreak/reinstall everything? While devices like the Kindle are worth jailbreaking for the extra features, the risk of bricking is high in many cases because of artificial barriers put in place by the manufacturers. Couldn't they just allow us to use the things we buy as we please, even if it meant voiding the warranty?
  • Halt and Catch Fire
  • Mozilla’s new designs - Waste of time or a good thing to show that an open source project can be a “designer item” and a “brand”
  • Kai OS, based on Firefox OS is now more popular then iOS in India.
  • Briefly our “discovery story” and what makes us passionate about Linux, what motivates us to organise the DLUG, attend conferences etc
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