Shane's still painting • Conor's browsing • PinePhone Pro • 25 years of KDE • 10 years of Jolla • Indri now, Jellyfish next year • Toxicity • Mozilla's VPN in Ireland • Not too shabby

From freedom came new website (finally) • The end of Ubuntu Podcast • Leaked Fairphone • Linus's tech investment • Alphabet's Laser internet • Xiaomi and Facebook's glasses

Linux is 30 • DIY works for Framework • Shane's server • We recommend

3 years! • Zorin OS 16 • Shouldn't a 3-year-old be able to talk?

KDE Connect on Windows • Steam Deck • Framework Laptop

Gnome on Ubuntu 21.10 • Pop!_OS • StreamPi • Firefox out and down • Ba dum tsss

With extra Nick • New Pop!_OS • New RISC-V CPU • OSM-xit • Spice bags and cakes • Like AUR but for Debian

Interview with Alex and Zlatan from

Freenode • Audacity • Tizen • From my cold, dead hands

Review of elementary OS 6 Beta

We test Zorin 16 Beta • Leave Britney alone!

Discussion: Does desktop Linux do all we need it to do?

Gnome 40 • RMS back in

No episode released this week • We'll release one next week

A chat with Philippe from CrowdSec

There is no fun at the DMCA • Not just a pretty Plasma • Manjaro PinePhone • Firefox, pictures and cookies

Ka-ching for Godot • Wimpy leaves Ubuntu • JingOS alpha • Gnome 40 • 🐈

A chat with Adam Pigg about mobile Linux

New season, new toys • Plasma with Wayland • Linux on the M1 • Now with 0 sea shanties

With Mark and Wayne • MS worker metrics • Centos Stream • New Raspberry Pi OS is out • Competition redesign

With an extra DM • YouTube-DL's back • Servo goes to Foundation • XDA Smartphone • Glimpse of Gimp • Competition!

Raspberry Pi 400 • Mint builds Chromium • YouTube-DL takedown • New Ubuntu • Future new Ubuntu • UK bans carrier lock • HBO back on Linux

It's all about the Fedoras, baby • 33 is a magic number

AweSim • Empowerment • Wait, what?

Nvidia buys Arm • RISC-V on desktop • Microsoft releases kernel source • Hardware with Linux reloaded • Tabs, Not Spaces • It's all a wicked game

COVID app for Linux Foundation • PinePhone improved... • ...and with Android 10 • Olive editor • LibreOffice: it's not personal • We're out for summer

Minus Shane • Plus Mark • Serpent OS • Barclays fail • Volla phone • Rolling Rhino • Mark's Father's Day surprise • Alacritous Alacritty • Circle back and reverse

Interview with DM from • Geronimo!

WIth extra DM • Attack on encryption • 20.04 on XPS • Plasma goes icons only • PinePhone CE • Mint snaps out • Not a Mac • Allons-y, Alonso!

Blender LTS • Microsoft mis-steps • Linux market share • PineTab ready to go • Lenovo for Linux • You should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky...

Gnome settles with a troll • EU recommends open source • Trump fact checked • Munich sees the light again • Microsoft's new terminal • GUI apps in WSL • Who dis?

Interview with Mathieu, the Lutris developer • Short and sweet.

Fosa in Focus • Fresh Fedora • Viva Vivaldi • Modernized Manjaro • Organized in OnlyOffice • Ready RetroPie • I'll stop now...

The return of the Heron • QT - fork it, maybe? • Phosh so big and pure • Foliate your ebooks • Deepin in beta • Lightly Lemur • Support Joe • Stay safe and eat scones

Rocco is not Shane • Linux journey • Desktops • Best tool for the job • Rocco's channels • Distros • Gear • Community • Social networks • Browsers • Doom Hypothetical • Barracuda!

Stay safe • Goodies from System 76 • Alyx on Linux • Flåtpakked Fireføx • Librem Mini • Working from home • This is an Easter egg.

Support Debian • Facebook sponsors OBS • New LibreOffice • Collabora on Android • Unity8 renamed to Lomiri • Interview with Artyom Zorin • Wally's right here.

Korea might switch to Linux • App Center for everyone • OpenShot updated • No more Essential • UKUI switched to QT • Linux-only game store • How the podcast is made • Linux Gangnam Style

Support the Document Foundation • Pine64 at FOSDEM • Regolith 1.3 • Manjaro and Kubuntu laptops • Godot gets paid • Zorin Grid • Wireguard in the kernel • Thunderbird under MZLA • Ubi Linux, ibi patria, ibi libertas

With an extra Nick • Support Mozilla • Apps streaming • Apps leaving • Mozilla layoffs • Nextcloud Hub • Non! Au contraire! Nous descendons!

Linux in 2020 • Tech in 2020 • Librem 5 • Office snap • The toilet roll always falls the sunny side down

Night before Christmas

2+3=00000101 • Windows 7 is dead (soon), long live Linux • The Linux product • All our single boards • A hardware named desire • Ctrl-Alt-Delete-Repeat

Minus Shane but plus Joe • GIMP's fork Glimpse hits 0.1 • Nextcry • Tesla Cybertruck • Slimbook Pro X 15 • System76 "home-grown" laptops • PinePhones and Pinebook Pros shipping • Google Stadia on Linux • A chat with Joe Ressington • Look, behind you!

Kdenlive is all snappy • Tomb Raider is all Tuxy • Edge coming to Linux (not the guitar player) • Indian masses switching to Mastodon • Mike is moving podcasts houses

With extra Wimpy • OggCamp 19 • United against trolls • Death of Linux on Dex • The Beeb on Tor • Ubuntu 19.10 and beyond • Inconceivable!

Matrix and Blender get paid • Same old GNU • System 76 Coreboot Laptops • Linus not anti Microsoft • Open Libra • Projects to support if we won lottery • Warren 2020

This time with an extra Michael • RMS stays at GNU • Patent trolls after Gnome • Zorin 15 Education out • XFCE 4.14 out • Librem 5 (kinda) shipping • a giant KDE Plasma discussion • I have one hand in my pocket and the other one is using KDE Plasma

Facebook fined • Blender supported • Windows KDEConnect-ed • Android scrcopied • Pinebook demoed • OnlyOffice updated • Linux on an old laptop • Ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife

No episode this week • New episode next week • Summer break after that • The game is afoot

Pinebook Pro preorders • MintBox 3 • 10 Years of Zorin • The Linux apps we know and love • Eating ice cream in the name of

Facebook's Crypto • Mint vs Win • 32-bit on 19.10 • Pinebook Pro spec bump • GNOME Shell theme improved • Clear Linux for the all of us • Mint or Zorin? • As seen on radio

FOSS Talk Live • CLI - What is it good for? • What do you miss in Linux like the deserts miss the rain? • Deus ex cake

S. Korea to switch to Linux • Huawei on the naughty step • Firefox on speed • adios Antergos • One does not Simply Red

New webstore helps you find apps • Librem is talking One long look at the cloud • Redhat has a new hat and it's, well, red • WSL getting a gnu slash kernel • Ubuntu gets a new name • Is this Mike I see before me?

Librem 5 videos • Nextcloud 16 • Pinebook Pro/PinePhone streamcast • Disco Dingo is out • I am Groot

Matrix hacked • Edge (maybe) on Linux • Linus dislikes social networks • Fedora likes Arm • UBPorts Foundation • Zorin close to new release • How to get people into Linux • Mobilis in mobili.

EU passes Article 13, 19.04 Beta, Solus 4, Steam Redesign, KDE Connect Play Store woes, Google Stadia, Wine 4.5, Nextdock2, convergence discussion. Hurray for pizza day!

With Mark from the Binary Times. Disco Dingo wallpaper • New Gnome • Nginx sold • Librem 5 kill switches • Maru OS new release • OS for the Pinebook Pro • Discussion on user interfaces. Make carrots, not sticks.

It's pine time! One awesome interview with Lukasz from Pine64 about the company and their upcoming laptop, phone and tablet. This sucker is nuclear!

LibreOffice ribbonned up, the Pi Store, Fedora's new logo, Plasma's new release, Linux for the non-techies, the glass is half <fill as appropriate>

VPN discount, PineTab and PineBook Pro to launch this year, more news from Purism, Steam Play even better for the 0.82%, Lutris works with GOG games, new shiny Kodi, Gnome speed boost, Firefox decorated, designer Akira, update your boxen, HP supports LVFS. Ice cream, therefore I am.

Gnome and Pop!_OS, Windows, Fedora goes Deepin and Deepin goes all touchy, ChromeOS is getting Apt, DuckDuckGo finds Apple (Maps), Purism wants convergence. No parking on Wednesdays.

Emby goes to the dark side, but a fork is strong with Jellyfin. Mycroft delayed. Firefox 64 released. Microsoft to switch to Blink. Emojis in Konsole. Fedora on sabatical. Charity starts with open source projects and digital rights orgs. Is it me, you’re looking for?

Kernel slowdown, Ubuntu for a decade, give back to the community, Intel based Odroid, Amazon on Arm, control a dildo from Emacs, Necuno Linux mobile, but most importantly an interview with Tad from OpenStreetMap Ireland. Peace, love, liberty and strawberry cheesecake.

Samsung’s Dex, oooh new Deepin, Mycroft raising, Purism about to start shifting dev kits, Macs and Linux, going open source only. You can leave your hat on.

Red Hat and IBM sitting on a tree, Ubuntu stats, Mate on GPD Pocket2, Proton VPN in Firefox, news from Solus, Pine64 phone, Linux gaming, Desktop environments. Do not dry clean.

Plex, it’s 18.10 time, Flatpak, Etcher, Linus and the code of conduct, social networks, Microsoft, self-driving cars. Deeeelicious.

Small projects, bug reporting, media relations, cults of personality, cookies, advertising and alternatives, spying. Consult your therapist before listening.

Desktop environments, software discoverability, graphics cards, Article13 and wobbly windows. Now with added sugar.

Creativity tools, spreadsheets, desktop environments, choice, freedom, progress and the lameness of ‘e-government’. Tangent is the word.

Only Ext4 for Dropbox, NextCloud on routers, Proton brings games to Linux, but most importantly - Oggcamp 18!

Ubuntu 18.04 as a base, ubuntufied Gnome, QT-based DEs, graphics cards, Windows as a service, ownership, designer Mozilla, Kai OS, discovery stories