Season 1 - Episode 2


Only Ext4 for Dropbox, NextCloud on routers, Proton brings games to Linux, but most importantly - Oggcamp 18!

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May contain mature references


  • Dropbox sync will work only on EXT4 (unencrypted only, Linux), NTFS (Windows), APFS and HFS+ (both Mac OS).
  • pCloud might be a good alternative to Dropbox. It’s hosted in Switzerland and cheaper.
  • Rclone is also an option, but more of a DIY as you’d need to provide the backend storage.
  • Most of us use the default file system for their distro, so many will be able to keep using Dropbox.
  • Nextcloud will be big in Japan, as NEC are gonna make routers with Nextcloud pre-installed. Nextcloud 14 to be released in September is going to feature video authentication for shared files and lots of other new features.


  • Play Windows Steam Games on Linux with Proton, a fork of the Wine project. This could be a game changer for desktop Linux adoption, especially as some games, GTA V for example, show better max fps on Proton than on Windows. Linux to the masses!


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