Season 1 - Episode 4: Farnsworth


Desktop environments, software discoverability, graphics cards, Article13 and wobbly windows. Now with added sugar.

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May contain mature references


  • Gnome 3.30 comes with improved performance on low power devices (any chance this being connected to the Librem 5?), a new Podcast app and UI improvements. Contributions welcome.

  • KDE released Plasma 5.14 Beta. Discover can now use fwupd for firmware updates.

  • Canonical’s going for a Software Center revamp

  • Software centers are important, Ubuntu Mate’s Software Boutique hits the spot.

  • How do we discover software? Mostly word of mouth, a podcast or an article. There is a very useful alternativeTo website where you can find Linux alternatives to software from other platforms.

  • AMD beats Nvidia in kernel contributions but Intel still contributes more. Hopefully Intel’s discrete GPUs will arrive soon and will work better than the one Linus Tech Tips got their hands on. It looks like AMD might be on the verge of Linux dominance because of better driver support.

  • The EU voted on Article 13.

  • Wobbly windows are coming back. Haven’t times and trends change, though?

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