Season 6 - Episode 8: Craicin' Zorin


We test Zorin 16 Beta • Leave Britney alone!

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May contain mature references


  • Toxic a great Britney cover by A Static Lullaby 💉🎸
  • Shane had deployed ⭐ Pi-hole to gobble all them ads
  • OpenDNS ⛕
  • 9️•9️•9️•9️ Quad9
  • Shane tried out a new audio interface 🔉 but it doesn't 👎 work in Linux :(. If anyone would link to contribute to the driver, it's on GitHub
  • 🔊 Conor is eyeing up the RØDE AI-1 audio interface
  • A list of Linux-compatible audio interfaces 📜


We test Zorin 16 Beta


  • FOSS Talk Live 2021 will be happening as an online event on 12th June. 🍻🎙️

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