Season 2 - Episode 2: Pining for Privacy

4 February 2019

VPN discount, PineTab and PineBook Pro to launch this year, more news from Purism, Steam Play even better for the 0.82%, Lutris works with GOG games, new shiny Kodi, Gnome speed boost, Firefox decorated, designer Akira, update your boxen, HP supports LVFS. Ice cream, therefore I am.

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May contain mature references.

AzireVPN coupon code

We have a coupon code for 30% off when you pay for 3 months of AzireVPN, a security-focused VPN provider based in Sweden. The law there doesn't require them to log traffic, so they don't. They operate servers in 5 locations in Europe and north America. Their servers are owned by the company, installed on location by their engineers and running Debian. They provide a WireGuard option, as well as OpenVPN and their client is GPLv2 licensed and of course available on Linux. They take payment in cryptocurrencies, cash, credit cards and PayPal plus you don't even have to give them an email address.


Pine64 revealed at FOSDEM, that they will release a tablet + a souped up PineBook Pro, OMG Ubuntu reports 😻. Prices are expected to be u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e (even though there's always a hefty shipping charge and maybe taxes).

PineBook Pro

Check out the OMG Ubuntu articles for more info about the PineTab and the PineBook Pro. If you want a Linux tablet now, UBports is available for the Nexus 7 (just be careful to get the supported version).

Not to be outdone, Purism revealed more info about the the PureOS Store.📱

More about Librem 5 apps in the lower half of the product website. PureOS is not going to be the only choice of operating system on the phone, users will be able to install for example Plasma Mobile. Hopefully the Librem 5 won't follow the destiny of Firefox OS. They are also planning a subscription of ethical services bundle.

Steam Play now allows to add non Steam Windows games. Games that ship with their own native clients can now launch with Proton from inside Steam for Linux. According to reports some games actually perform better that way.🎮

Steam also released new stats for 2019, Linux is sitting flat at 0.82%. Gabe Newell, president of Steam makers Valve, on Steam, Windows and Linux. Some examples of non-games in the Steam store.

The Lutris open gaming platform has a new release, 0.5:

The GOG Galaxy app.

Kodi 18 released.

By the time of release, LibreELEC have already released a version based on Kodi 18. OpenELEC are still on 17.

Gnome speed enhancements for the 3.32 release due next month.💻 This is a very good news, since Gnome happens to be the default DE on many distros. Thank you, Gnome devs, Canonical devs and everyone else who contributed.

Firefox 65 is out now comes with:

Also, Firefox 66 will come with client side decorations! Right now, users can enable this with a toggle switch in the Customize settings, from the next release it will be enabled by default.

Akira is to be a graphical interface design app for designers. The dev is running a Kickstarter campaign to pay full time devs for a few months + hardware + taxes. More info in a Linux Unplugged interview.💶

Akira the anime.

Update your boxen! Ubuntu security notices site mentions a tone of recent vulnerabilities, and they all look very scary, so update, people!☝️

HP joins in on the LVFS firmware update goodness. Richard Hughes, a LVFS developer, has previously called out HP for being "officially late". The vendor status page has details of vendor support.



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